Harare Help's - Zimbabwe

Tropical Cyclone Idai hit Zimbabwe eastern coast on March 15, 2019 after making landfall near Beira, Mozambique the day before as a Category 2 storm with sustained winds exceeding 105mph. As of March 20th, heavy rains continue making search and rescue operations and damage assessment almost impossible.

A Zimbabwean couple, the Kirk’s, living in Birmingham, Alabama will be traveling to their native country for a visit.  Some of their family members are involved in the relief efforts in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe that was hit by Tropical Cyclone Idai, a little over a month ago. The Kirk’s are collecting donations and supplies for ‘Harare Help’s”, a ministry in Zimbabwe, helping get supplies to the ravaged areas. 

The request is for:  Pain relievers; anti-inflammatories; bandages; bandaids; children’s supplements; vitamins; wraps; slings; etc.

Scatter Christ is so thankful the Lord presented this opportunity to be involved in relief efforts across the globe and much of the needed items have been purchased and sent to Zimbabwe with the Kirk’s.

Act of Random Kindness

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Ronn Patterson
Date: September 7, 2016 at 5:53:22 PM CDT

I have been praying about how to use the Acts of Random Kindness dollars Scatter Christ gave the BOD. I had a couple of situations come up and the Lord just did not give me the freedom/opportunity to do something. I had an appointment in one case and later went to try to find the guy. He wanted $ for his daughter - could hardly understand him. He was carrying two stuffed animals with him. I thought that was probably his normal story to try and get money. I could not find him. I wondered what the Lord was teaching me.

Today I learned of a single mom in my community. She has 4 girls by 3 different men. Her name is April. She had a wreck and hurt her back and is out of work. The girls had so many needs with the start of school. I gave the whole $100 to her. I have found out that her girls are coming to some special events at my church but I am pretty certain her greatest need is Jesus. I'm praying that this ministry and other things the Lord will do will open up opportunities to share Christ with her.

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I met this homeless lady in the green jacket in 2005 during The Church at Brookhills Extreme Graceover. She had been sober and at a shelter 55 days. During this weekend, she ate at Pizza Hut and Fish Market, got new PJs, received a new haircut and new clothes. She was very funny and quick witted. I posted about DEllis.

Tonight as I had dinner with another one of the homeless women almost 10 years later, we discussed DEllis and her whereabouts. WB asked me if I still had the necklace for her. I DO, let's find her. I pulled out my smart phone and googled for a phone number, knowing she left Birmingham for Pensacola, Florida to live with her father. My heart sank when what appeared was her obituary! She passed away several years ago.

The above picture also appeared in an advertisement for Help for the Homeless! Christ, family, church and friends are such a blessing that so many of us take for granted each day!

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